Examination Guidelines

Instructions for the examination:

1. An internet connectivity of at-least 512 kbps.

2. An updated version of Browser should be installed on the system.

3. Please make sure that the pop-up blocker should be disabled. (Disable Pop Up Blocker)

4. Uninstall any third party software installed on the system for webcam before starting the test.

5. Check the webcam before the test, should be in a working condition.

6. Turn off chat applications (Google talk, yahoo messenger etc), antivirus, auto updates, screen-saver and other notifications.

7. The candidates are required to
• provide permission for webcam and microphone and access for capturing Screen Shots
• ensure sufficient lights in the room.

8. Please note that your activities during the assessment would be recorded and reported to the authorities.

9. DO NOT navigate away from the test window

10. DO NOT move away from the test screen.

11. Please note that the system will detect suspicious activities(candidate not present in front of the test screen, additional person in the room, etc), and report such activities to the authorities.

12. DO NOT press the ‘F5’ key while giving the test as this will make the test end suddenly and you will not be able to continue the test.

13. If your computer system shuts down due to the power supply being disconnected, you can resume the test by following the same steps as the beginning. All your previous answers will be saved, and the test will start from the question you had left.